Saturday, October 25, 2008


It's so hard to 'enjoy the search, and trust in the divine' in all aspects of my life..

I've been feeling a bit lonely at school, now that all my seniors are gone, esp Huiling!! my best buddy in school in the past..hahaha are u honoured Huiling??hahaha but she's still my best buddy. Its just difficult to meet up with people nowadays, now that everybody is in different electives and I jus ve lunch with different people all the time..but I enjoy all my lunch sessions with them still:)

I guess I've been feeling lonely ever since I lost my best friend..miss having somebody to speak to every night. It's a really good form of release for me. So now, I practise talking to God every night instead.:)

I decided to revive my blog cos i decided that I need a space to remember my journey with God and all His promises and faithfulness to me! Its okay..since i spend so much time on the internet anyway..jus wont spend time uploading photos timeeeeee

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