Monday, October 1, 2007

Melbourne day 2 : Shopping at Chappel Street

Melbourne day 2: I went shopping at Chappel Street with Sherlynn, Cheryl, Elanor, Onn Leng, Debbie, Isabel.. and they are such inspirational shoppers! They win me hands down! All of them are such fashionable shoppers with good taste and they looked good in most stuff that they try on..haha I was inspired mans! they spent so much money each..each gal spent at least 200 bucks tt day.. I think only bel and me spent below 200..haha n i heard that they go shopping quite often somemore..haiz.. so good i can't seem to stop thinking of gg shopping, but i've no money to shop this i guess i will have to save money.. Anyways, Chappel Street is a street with high end and middle end fashionable boutiques..I really enjoyed myself there..bought a waist belt (30), a high waisted skirt(34) and a Sportsgirl dress (30) and sunglasses (25)..I wanna shop AGAIN soon but i can't :(
After shopping, Daryl brought me out for dinner with his housemates and elaine and her bf..We went to this place which had bak Ku teh..not bad;)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

My Story I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

where is this bak kut teh place in melbourne?