Friday, October 26, 2007

the past few weeks, handorf

I finally have a bit of time to update my blog! have been able to relax for 2 days..after today, its back to the grind! jus completed 3 assignments, have 2 more to go..the one due next week is quite crucial though..its a subject w quite a high failure rate..haha anw i have been happy with the results i have been getting back, haha..all not bad hehe..considering the amount of effort put in..went out with raynu n thanu yest to tree plaza.:) its a bit like rundle mall, but at least its sth different.haven't been to marion yet..but i heard its the same as tea tree..we came back with pretty good buys..raynu bought a 40 bucks pair of sandals from novo..haha but it was worth it..she said that i have been influencing her to shop more ever since we started hanging together..i guess its true la..she has been buying stuff on our shoppin sprees..i jus bought a pair of 15 bucks sports shoes cos i need to start joggin! n lose the whole tummy before i come back..i used to think that only models had flat tummies but now im startin to realise that quite a lot of my friends have pretty flat tummies too! haha so im gg to start jogging everyday..but i always end up makin empty promises..but we'll see.. anw i cant wait for my christmas party! hopefully daryl agrees to my plans, then i can organise the party when i come back..was day dreaming abt it jus now! there's this really cool website on the internet abt recepies and cooking..go check it out! its at its an amazing site. sorry that i havent finished my blogs on melbourne..feelin a bit lazy

Cacing, me and my housemate, su ping went to handorf was quite some time back though..haha but didnt have time to blog until now..Cacing volunteered to take me around adelaide cos i will be gg home we decided to go handorf..its this small german village, which is rather quaint and quiet..We had german sausages there..yummy. i asked for sour cream to go with it..cos ii love sour cream despite of all the fats involved! the food reminded me of 'the village' in singapore. This was the fudge shop, which sold many different kinds of chocolates, sweets and fudge..i bought rum and rasin fudge and chocolate fudge from heretts the 3 of us:)I bought rum and raisin ice-cream from here..its the authentic kind of rum and raisin ice-cream..the base colour is light brown with raisins in it..homemade ice-cream yummy!The GardenI love the teapots in this can grow plants in them and place them in your garden..they are really huge n uniquethe baskets of flowers are so lovely and beautifulYellow rosestts me and cacing (cell leader) haha we managed to get him to pose for us behind all these cardboards..he actually doesnt like takin photos..but he had no was hilarious man..and he had to pose twice for each cardboard, cos my housemate wanted to take a photo with each of the cardboards too..n he was the only male around..haha

the candle shop, the candles here are all pieces of art, all handmade i think

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