Monday, October 1, 2007

Whee!!!! St Kilda's playground

Yay! i'm not alone again cos my housemate is back..the house's not so scary anymore..haha I realise that i hate being home alone (esp if its overnight)..I've been studying the whole of today with Renu and Sarah..haha..not bad huh, its studying time again cos assignments are gg to be due soon and exams are coming!

I went to St kilda's playground with my cell last sat..:D n it was so fun! it was like reliving my childhood days again cos we played catching, swing,see-saw, went down the slides, and went on the flying was an adult playground..haha n i dont rmb screaming so much in a long time..

This is St Kilda's playground..It was really cold at first, but thank God the sun came out!Pics of my cell.....I guess u will have to look real closely to see their faces..
My cell leader, Jia Ching, gg down the slide! haha it took so much persuasion to get him to go down the slide..he kept wanting to laze ard and go back to the table with food and his newspapers..haha! but he played catching with us in e end..n he said that this was the fastest he ran in a long time..and that this was enough exercise for a few months..haha! worse than me mansThis was the see-saw where i kept screaming..haha cos it got quite scary at times, esp if somebody got off the other side and the see-saw suddenly went down on my side..that's me behind Debra, u can only see my legsn that's the swing that goes round and round..until u feel sick
irritating Sung pushed all the gals round and round on this merry go round until we felt soooooooo dizzy but we got our revenge in the end la..haha!
n this is the flying fox which all of us sat on..I screamed when it hit the other side cos it jerked so hard that i almost flew off..but it was fun!


Anonymous said...

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andrewecoulson said...

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