Saturday, October 6, 2007

Melbourne day 4: Great Ocean Road and Crown

We were on the road again..on our way to Great Ocean Road..The road trips were quite tiring actually..cos they were so long..i didn't feel like getting out of the car at times..We went to the 12 Apostles at the Great Ocean Road..I loved the n michelle played in the sea for a while..really nice and refreshing! We had a picnic next to the sea :) This was the beach that we played on..seems like a scene from famous five :D This was one of the beaches/lookout points that we stopped at on the way to the 12 ApostlesThe 12 Apostles.. i think that there are only a few apostles left cos quite a few have collapsed already haha 1 of them just collapsed last yr..i think that each rock is supposed to represent 1 apostle but i'm not sure which rocks represent the apostles cos they can jus be new/miscellaneous rocksI like the shape of this rock:)Other lookoutpoints at the 12 apostlesWe went to the crown in the night..the fireballs display was really nice..the heat was quite intense man..I liked the night view of melbourne city..really nice! We ate dessert at one of the posh looking places in Crown, where 1 slice of cake cost 10 bucks..damn ex la! n the water cost us 7 bucks..the service wasnt good too..but the ambience was nice
I think i need a better camera is really old n the pics dont turn out v nice..quite blur..not as clear as i would like it to be

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