Monday, October 1, 2007

Melbourne day 3: Philip Island

I spent a lot more time and money on sightseeing than on shopping in Melbourne, which is a good thing! I only spent money twice on shopping :)
I went to Philip Island with Michelle ( Singaporean), Christian (German), Suzzane (German) and Jas (Thailand)..Christian and Jas were such good navigators that we didn't lose our way at all and we managed to cover almost the whole of Philip Island. We went on a road trip..had sandwiches and cookies in the car for our meals..It was such a windy day that I almost got blown away by the wind..Christian had to hold me down, in order to prevent me from swaying with the wind..haha It was so windy that my ears hurt..
We visited Cowes, the pyramid rock, Koala Conservation Centre, a walk along the swamps, Seal Rocks...The sea view at the Seal Rock was some of the most beautiful sea views i have ever seen.. it was lovely to see the waves smashing on/against the rocks..We spent a long time there admiring the sea..

The penguin parade was the highlight of the day..the penguins were so small and cute..We saw hundreds of penguins..They would all hurdle together at the shoreline and form into groups before making their way inland in groups.. This was cos they were most vulnerable to predators out in the open..This was also the time where the penguins were most scared..The penguins appeared in the evening..after the sun had set..cos they were more vulnerable in daylight..We were told that this is the season for the mating of the penguins..that was why so many of them came onshore to breed..I saw 2 penguins mating together..n the male was making a lot of noise..haha! He does this to excite the female.

From this trip, I learnt that in order to communicate with people from different countries, I had to phrase my sentences correctly, give complete sentences that were gramatically correct and not leave out large portions of what i want to say (I always assume that pple know what i mean)..But it was a good experience gg on a road trip with people from different countries cos u learn how to build rapport with them, crack jokes with them...I got along pretty well with them and we enjoyed each other's company!
This was at the Koala Conservation Park..Do I look like the Koala?hahaThis is a picture of a swamp in was pretty nice actually..We took a 20 min walk along the swamp..
These are pics taken at the seal rock, where the waves smash against the rocks to form streams of water..I love the scenery here the most!
There were so many sea gulls on the hills as this is the mating season for them too..Many of them were laying eggs or protecting their nests.
We couldn't take any photos at the penguin parade, so i can't show u the photos..Daryl couldn't really come sightseeing with me cos he still had school and lots of assignments due tt week..but he would wake up really early in the morning to send me to the train station in the city cos he said sth abt how its not v safe in Melbourne..but i think its okay he spent time w me in the evenings and nights and during the weekends :D

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