Friday, September 7, 2007

Adelaide Showground!!!!!

this is my favourite pic from adelaide showground..
I went to the adelaide showground yesterday with michelle and amanda..It was this really big fair with lots of activites to do there..There were so many things to see and there. I think that its one of the biggest carnivals in South Australia..There were pig racing shows, dog shows, competitions, sheep, pigs displays, wine tasting, lots of food tasting, and a lot of roller coaster rides, ferries wheels, family rides, soft toys, carnival games, marching bands, lots of food, milk bar and best of all........Show bags!!! Show bags are bags where they have many different things in for example, they have a simpsons showbag, where they have all things Simpsons in the showbag, or a cadbury showbag, where they have all sorts of chocolates n a cadbury mug and other stuff in it.. but i bought the'girlfriend' showbag, 'surfagirl' showbag and the 'new woman' showbag..All the bags are worth abt 100 plus but cost 15 to 20 bucks only.. I show u the list of things in each showbag. This is the 'Girlfriend' showbag..It is worth 103 bucks but it cost me $15..There were 3 girlfriend magazines, the girlfriend tote bag, a sling bag, maybelline eyeshadow(but my showbag didnt have:( ), facial cleanser, Palmer's coco butter moisturiser, blusher,another cleanser, sweets and other vouchers

The surfagirl showbag had a beach towel, a tote bag, a surfagirl slingbag, surfagirl cap, lipgloss, nice slipper ties,woven bracelet and a key chain..but i will probably give away the surfagirl showbag too..hehe

The newwoman showbag was worth $194!!!!! but cost 18 dollars.. giving the bag and the umbrella to my mum.. I like the umbrella though

and i kinda of regret not buying this showbag.. but i think i wasted too much money on the carried away with the novelty..but oh well.. I liked the ferris wheel ride..cos u could see the entire carnival from up there and the weather was really good..the carnival games were good too! oh and the fireworks was good too! I wished that we had spent more time though..I might go again next week with shee laine..see how..i havent uploaded the photos will be done next week

This is the train which we took to the fairMilk bar where there were different kinds of milk, milkshakes, ice-creams, waffles... n they showed which kinds of milk won medals in aussie.. i like Pura milk the best!
And these are the sheep at the fair..they are really shy..kept moving awayThe pigs before the race...And this is the pigs cute
Alpacas!!so unique.. i havent seen these animals beforeAnd the animal above looks like a soft toy..these are the wine tasting stalls at the showgroundSausages! but i didnt really like them..too dry
A guy made all these pickles and jams by himself..These are the places where pple sat around eatingthe marching band..really cool..they did formations and the musci was good

I loved the ferris we went higher and higher, the view and wind got nicer and nicer.. I could see the whole showground from the topthese are the pics taken from the top of the ferris wheel

Michelle's 5 showbags!!!!n i thot 3 was bad haha

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weee.. the showground looks heaps fun! :D found your blog! link ya to mine?