Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Barossa Valley

Barossa valley is a must go for anybody who goes to adelaide!!!Its really really nice..even thought I'm not a big fan of wine, i still enjoyed myself thoroughly there.. I neva knew wine tasting could be so fun..each wine was so different and unique.. Barossa is famous worldwide for the wine it exports! It exports 80% of its wine i think..Its really famous in Europe..We visited 4 wineries.. I liked the home winery, vinecrest wines, where the family produced their own wines to cater to a niche market..they dont sell their wine at supermarkets..the quality of the wine was real good! I bought a bottle of port from there cos i really liked the taste..probably open it during christmas:)
This is the biggest rocking horse in the world.. haha I managed to climb all the way to the top

can u see me waving all the way up there? my legs were aching after the climb.. I was so scared tt i would slip n fall
n this is the baby rocking horse that the big rocking horse gave birth to recently this is the area near the whispering wall, which has really nice scenery..
N this is the whispering wall.. If u stand on one side of the wall, u can hear what another person is saying at the other side of the wall..its like a huge stretch of wall, and the voice comes out really clearly.. I can hear exactly what the other person is saying..its like a telephone.. They say that its due to the shape and structure of the wall.. The whispering wall is supposed to be some sort of dam for reservoir..

this was my favourite winery.. where i bought my bottle of wine:)
And it was at the richmond growth winery where I learnt how wine was produced.. We were brought to see the barrels and the cellars where the wines were kept.. These are the big barrels where the wine used to be kept..but its not kept here any more.. Its kept in the smaller barrels now cos the big ones are too bulky and inefficient in today's fast paced environment.
These are the cellarsThe wine is also kept in these giant white containersohhh I love the scenery here, took some really nice photos
n this is where we had our v own australian barbeque.. the food was good.., Meat,sausages and kangaroo meat were barbequed.. I tried not to think of the poor kangaroos..but the meat was really nice n juicy, nicer than the pork and beef here.. and these are more pictures of the adelaide hills..

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Rhys said...

Hi Chua - Liked your pics of the rocking horse and the Barossa Dam whispering wall. You might like to go back in time and have a look at this new website of the Whispering Wall.