Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm back from Melbourne

Hi everybody, I just came back from home alone now, cos my housemate is in tasmania now..n i miss daryl and melbourne and the people in melbourne a lot and a lot!!! sigh.... but i miss the people in adelaide too,haha looking forward to seeing them soon...I feel so lazy motivation to make my lunch too..i have to go and top up my handphone credits card, buy groceries and do my enormous pile of homework, which i havent touched yet.....I'm so dead!!!but anw, i had a really great time in melbourne, didnt do much shopping though, did a lot more sightseeing..which was really nice..n i was really pampered by daryl in melbourne too :) took me out in his car, sent me everywhere, paid for my meals and a bit of my shopping, hehe, n spent quality time with me..despite his busy schedule..hehe thank you dear!!!! but i deserve it too rite, since i seldom get to spend time with him..haha

AND....I miss everybody in Singapore too!!!!but whenever i think of Singapore, i think of NTU
:( i don't wan to go back to school cos its going to be so stressful next semester.. I wish that i could stay here forever and that my friends and family in Singapore can come over here to stay..

Anw, i will be blogging abt what i was doing in Melbourne in the next few posts..probably blog in between my studying.. i have to go prepare lunch now, if not im gg to faint of hunger..

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