Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Glenlg sunset

These are photos of the sunset at Glenelg.. I went to the beach myself the other day..cos i needed to get some stuff from the town nearby and cos i wanted to catch the sunset..Shee Laine was supposed to go too..but she fell sick..I almost got knocked down by the tram at glenelg..cos rite I was standing btw the tram barrier and the the place where the tram travels..then i thot there was enough space btw there for me n e tram..but as the tram got nearer, I realised I was wrong..there wasnt enough space!!! and I couldnt get out..The tram honked at me and stopped so I could get out of the gap..luckily e driver didnt come down n scold me..haha anw the sunsed at glenelg was perfect..there wasnt a cloud in the sky..When u see the pics, u must notice the different textures I tried to cover in 1 photo.. This is the sun setting!
Setting more...1/4 of the sun's gone I like this photo!!It's almost gone..I love the photo above!The sun has set completely and everybody;s gg homeThis is one of my favourite photos too..... Isn't the scene at the jetty lovely?.. Look at the different textures of the sand and the sea

This is one of my favourite photos


shingg said...

hey your beach is real nice.. ha.. is so relaxingggg.. n i dunno y, pple just like to take pic of seagull whenever they go overseas.. ha.. understand la.. here no seagulls, just those same old birds we see in spore.. alright.. enjoy yourself! oh, put in tagboard leh.. heh..

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