Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I just came back from my $70 dollars haircut from Christos on Unley.. not bad.. i was quite happy with it, considering tt i always make a lot of noise right after my haircut..haha n the haircut was completely free! cos the owner of the shop sponsered a 70 bucks haircut for each woman present at the bU fashion parade..n these are self-taken photos from my labtop..

I look sad in the photo again rite? haha but im not sad, just
too tired to smile..anw this is my new haircut..finally got my fringe
back again! after 1 agonising month of not having a fringe

Sheelaine's coming over soon to help me make daryl's bdae card..the materials are nice but damn ex..where got card cost 30 bucks wan....but i guess can use the materials to make other cards..hahan i hope we can make cheesecake tml..hopefully shiwei have time to teach me tml..the cake she made the other time tasted v nice, according to sheelaine, n it looks real nice too..

This is the cake, so nice rite? maybe i will make one for daryl's bdae

oh ya, shing and daryl was born on the exact same day, 13 sept 1984..n both live near each other, at hong leong in clementi..n they look alike, both are tanned,smell eyes, n sporty..oh mine

I'm addicted to america's next top model.. u can watch cycle after cycle on youtube..haha nice!

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