Tuesday, September 4, 2007

glenelg beach and Mini Mamek night

We took a tram down to Glenelg beach today! It was a really really windy day at glenelg!!!quite cold too..haha but fortunately the sun came out at some parts, so it wasnt so bad when u stood in the sun..The sand was really soft..and the air smelled of seafood..haha but i guess the nicest part was being able to soak in the beach-like atmosphere..cos I LOVE the BEACH! We had lunch at the Oyster shop..tThe fishn chips were really good too..cos the fish was really fresh..n it was cheap cos we had some buy 1 get 1 free thingy..so we ended up with 4 plates of fish n chips..took a walk along the shops in Jetty Road, not too bad, cos some shops are different from those along the city.. and there are so many ice-cream shops along Jetty road too..Baskin Robbins, Cibo, Anderson, Wendy's..Btw, there are so many shots of me only in the photo cos rite there were only 3 of us, and the rest mostly wanted individual shots..haha so most of my shots are indiviual shots..This picture below shows Moseley Square, which is next to glenelg..
This is me standing on the jetty, overlooking the sea. After the beach, I went to church in the evening for a mini Mamek night..Mamek stores in Malaysia are stores where young people hang out cos they have cheap and nice Indian food like Roti Jalan (Roti Prata), teh tarik... So we had worship, a dance performance (the dancers were v good! they practised so hard! I know cos I was almost at all their practises..haha cos they practised in the TV room, in the basement of my apartment), and a short sermon by uncle Mike and then FOOOODDD! I liked the Roti Jalan with the curry..it was really nice and a refreshing change..the tek tarik was good too..haha enjoyed the company and the food tt night!


Marabelle said...


U are so cute la! its Roti Canai! not Roti Jalan! Hahahahaha... :p

Anonymous said...

Persis looks very pretty standing on the jetty overlooking the sea ;>