Monday, August 27, 2007

bU conference and sunday service

I have just uploaded some photos of the fashion parade at bU.. enjoy! the shots are not v clear though, cos everybody kept moving.. The stage set that u see is made from scratch by somebody from nice rite? Its supposed to be a French themed fashion parade
This was the fountain at the front of the stage..that's Pastor Jane evans in a very nice dress

The night started with an amazing folk dance:)
These models are all people from church..
hey guys, havent blogged in a while.. I jus went for bU women's conference on sat..haha..where this woman called marie de jong shared abt her life story..where her dad that she used to idolised died when she was young, and her mum couldn't take her dad's death and was sent to a mental institution, she was sexually abused and was heavily involved in drugs.. all of these happened b4 she had a Godly encounter..she was also abt to be engaged to a man whose family was really loving toward us.. but all these changed..when her bro became a christianand asked her to go to church with him.. she saw the change in his life cos b4 all this happened, he was a compulsive gambler.. but after he accepted Christ, he was a completely changed man..she made a choice to follow christ at a church camp..She also had to make a difficult choice of leaving the man she was engaged to and his family cos she knew that God was tellin her that this was not the right person for her. But thankfully, her husband-to-be was sent to her when she was gg through the pain of leaving the family who had been so kind to her. And she made a v impt statement! ' The person u are today is a result of the choices u made in the past, and the person u will be in the future, is a result of the choices u make now!' I have always known this but i guess tt it still serves as a powerful reminder that the choices tt u make in life in life are so impt. and I must always rmb to look to God b4 i make any choices..pray n look to his word.. cos i always have a tenancy to make choices based on my own human reasoning and deduction, but following God's will is always the best choice to make..hehe.. anw marie de jong is now a powerful woman pastor, who runs one of the largest churches in New Zeland..and she continues to touch pple's lives today..she has a family and she was sayin tt her son brought her out on a 'date' that day..he said tt he would make it a point to do it every mth..he took her out to dinner, n bought her chocolates, n brought her to the sweet rite? he wrote her this really nice letter sayin tt he was so proud of her, of how she is constantly touchin lives and doin such a great job at runnin e church..i would be thrilled if my son jus tt next time..hehe..maybe wad sp vincent says is true, how the guy treats his mum, is how he will treat u in the future.. haha.. anw marie de jong was sayin tt if she hadnt made the choice to follow Jesus in the past, se would still be living her old life and not have all these (family,church etc) that God has in store for her..anw i think i will bring my mum out on a date too when i get back.. haha I LOVE my PARENTS lots and lots and lots..hehe.. she deserves it mans..and GUYS, bring your mums out for a date too! but one point that i would like to make is tt learing to take control of your emotions in times and trouble and learning to have faith in God instinctively is so impt, i'm proud to say that i've achieved this so far through my christian life and God has neva failed me, esp through my family crisis..hehe but i must rmb not to be proud, which im often guilty of (if not God'll have to break me a few more times..haha which im sure he'll cos i still tend to be proud) so I Must rmb to be humble and look to him it in good times and bad times..cos i think im a wet weather christian..and continue to make choices with an eternal perspective! yeah!:)
anw rite, jus to let yall know, my tummy has been a constant source of trouble..sigh..everyday rite, its either constipation or diahorrea..which is super irritatin! I have an assignment to do.. :(
but i will continue to blog abt bU for a while more.. we had a pampering session in the afternoon, which was good, they did my nails, and helped me do make-up..haha but i think i looked like a rocker mans..haha dont wan to post e photo..make-up always makes me look sad! anw there was a workshop,where the main lesson that i learnt was how to be still b4 God.. I learnt that u ve to be still b4 God can speak to u in e how he spoke through Elijah through the silence after the fire and the winds.. I think God has been teachin me to be still b4 him..but i dont really know what it means to be still..but i guess tt in e midst of all e hustle and bustle of life, you need to learn to be still b4 him, b4 he can speak to u.. the fashion parade was on fri nite..and the stage was really well done, n it was done by church pple..really impressive! it was a french theme..n it really looked good! n the 70 dollar giftwaway was sponsered by 1 of the church pple, who owns a salon n he volunteered to give everybody a haircut worth 70 buck at his salon! woah.. Im gg for the haircut soon man,cant stand my hair now..i also won a 40 dollar food voucher at a restaurant..haha gg to share it w raynu cos i missed her bdae.. oh ya, and n sunday, i got lost for 1 hr! cos i couldnt find the church cos it was at a temporary location this I walked and walked for 1 hr..but I persisted! n i finally found it! haha but of course I was late for 1 hour.. anw i ve to go do my assignment now..sorry for no photos cos i havent got my memory card dad is supposed to send it to me,but he keeps procrastinatin!haiz take care everybody!

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birdseeddddd!!! omgomgomg, u got a $70 worth of free haircut! i'm v happy to see u learning, growing and enjoying urself :) fly me there!!! miss you girl. stupid huiling bluff me into doing econs! it's so so hard, i wanna cry. hahaha. ok, u take care.