Sunday, August 12, 2007


I'm so tired! Went to church in e morning.I'm attending Paradise City Church which is part of the bigger church, PAradise community Church.. Then went to my friends' place for something which was a bit like steamboat..haha with christine, chris, sheelaine, yongling, who are pple from my cell group..then went to the paradise main church for worship night,but it was good! haha
then went for dinner..n i jus came back, soooooo tired n i still ve so much work to do..but i will ve a bath then go to bed..anw I want to upload photos but I can't cos the photo xd card reader is not w me, I'm waitin for my dad to mail it over..haha I joined the BU conference which is a women's conference,looks really cool..hahah i want to experience what an overseas conference is like.. anw the sermons at paradise have been pretty good so far, i take notes in my black notebook which i jus bought from cheap as chips.. They dont ve sermon outline so I decided to buy a book to write all e sermon stuff,as well as stuff from my quiet time..I also listen to e riverlife online sermons,so can write tt in too..I'm happy and excited that I bought the book..haha..cos now i will rmb what I learnt and I won't lose it so easily,like my sermon outlines from riverlife (they are all over e place).. hehe..hopefully I perservere in the note-taking.. Anw Shing always tells me abt his overseas expereriences and how he integrates into their culture when he's over there, sounds super cool..He will be my tour guide when I go overseas next time..When we go back Spore, he will bring me to johor to eat seafood and do other stuff, right Shing? haha

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