Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Church at central, norwood suburb, rundle street, shopping!!!!

These are pics of my church, nice isnt it?

Haha, this is me and Sheena, the worship leader, who's super bubbly and energetic and never seems to get tired..haha that's the pastor behind us..she jus came from behind and took the photo together w us..haha cool! She's the pastor in charge of community services

We went to Norwood today after church..Church was at central today cos we had a combined svc.. I think tt the awesome thing abt this church is that quite a few pple get saved every week at the services.. They have the regular services..but there is an interactive service at 5pm every Sunday which is evangelical in nature.. so pple invite their friends to this svc every Sunday..Today was the first time that I listened to Ps Ashley preach, he was quite good.. haha..But I admire his wife man, she’s a snr pastor at the church too..She’s such an inspiring, capable and independent woman..a very confident speaker too.. The church was full today..There were a few Africans sitting behind us.. it was quite interesting cos they were wearing clothes that they usually wear in South Africa I think..different from modern clothes..haha Anw, I invited my housemate for the evangelical event this Friday, there’s gg to be a evangelistic msg..fashion parade (by the church own pple) and a gift worth 70 bucks.. Its for women only..haha So its time to INTERCEDE!!.yeah.. anw we went to norwood for lunch,which is in the suburbs.. I heard that the cinema there is really nice.. Abel,marabelle, shi wei, debra, ck, jenn,ernestine, jia ching, a hong kong guy and me went for lunch at Italian place.. where I burst my tummy again..hehe it was a great lunch..enjoyed myself lots..the company was good! Do u know Malaysians speak Chinese differently from us, they speak Chinese in a sing song manner..haha These are some pics of norwood..
And this is the giantic plate of pasta that I couldnt finish.. I tried though..but it wasnt really nice so I decided not to finish it..haha
Then after lunch, me and shi wei went to Rundle street to look ard..I really like Rundle street cos its like how u imagine western countries to be when u watch TV, with the nice scenery in the background and the shops lining the sidewalk..haha v nice.. there’s a street market every Sunday on Rundle street where pple will set up different stalls on the road selling art stuff,clothes, etc..It was quite nice strolling ard and admiring the street and the stalls..haha Shi Wei was good company too.. She brought me ard.. We had ice-cream at a place where u could choose an ice-cream flavour and a kind of chocolate bar(mars, kitkat, jellybeans, marshmallows etc..) then they would mix the chocolate with the ice-cream for by rolling it together like dough,,hehe yummy! We had rum and raisin with mars bar on a cold winter day..haha then I bought a pair of leggings and a cardigan from Valleygirl..I cooked dinner tonight too, quite happy with the result..haha..but the fire alarm went off at one point cos there was too much smoke form the cookin..haha..luckily the fire engines didn’t come,if not ve to pay fine..btw, the fire engines always come to my apartment block..haha anw I have been makin many friends who stay in Johor, which is good, so tt when I go back,they can bring me to eat Malaysian seafood, durian, n the good stuff there!!!

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aud said...

Hey girl, looks like you've been cooking quite a bit eh? when u come back to s'pore, you and huiling can cook up something for the cell since she also said she cooked alot in Italy heh =)