Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Central market and pancake house

I went to the central market on Saturday to do some grocery shopping cos I cook! Haha Central market is in Chinatown.. It is the place where u can get really cheap fruits and vegetables.. I bought vege and 6 avocados for 2 bucks only, and bananas..bananas are really ex over here..which means they are a real treat..haha..Met my friends at the central market for lunch..
Shee Laine, Sumi and me went to the pancakes house after their dance practice.. It’s a place that’s open 24-7.. It’s a really homely and cosy place,where they sell unique pancakes, drinks, milkshakes, western food..haha ..Sumi had pancakes with vanilla ice-cream,nuts and bananas with maple syprup..I had an enormous chocolate milkshake and Shee LAine had hot chocolate which tasted like milo..And this is my giant chocolate milkshake..

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