Thursday, August 9, 2007

Elmtree Lodge and night's out

It's National Day!!! haha so sad that I can't be there.. heard the parade is different this year..
I went over to my friend's hostel tonight for dinner, had really good spaghatti, can make
Shing my shi fu already..haha i think my appetite's becoming bigger, cos i finished the whole big plate that u see in the pic man.. haha die la.. i eat every 2 hours over here, n i'm forever thinking abt the next meal.. but the weird thing is that i'm losing weight :P wahaha! anw, i like gg over to elmtree cos i can meet so many pple from different countries over there, n they are really friendly too.. We went to 'The Duke' to chill at night, where i tasted beer for the first time, it wasn't so bad, quite good in fact, but i only finished half a glass of pale ale..haha..don't really like to drink..but I got a membership at tt place cos i like the membership card, quite a nice pub, not too rowdy,and they ve a balcony upstairs..Its a place where international pple hang out u get people from different countries too i guess..that's what i like abt aussie, the different pple from different countries n different interesting to get to know them.. hehe anw i got home at guai still..hehe its 1:35 a.m. at night and its 10th of August already..don't trust my blog's timing..haha..i dont know how to set the timing..

Anw, these are the photos taken at elmtree lodge. outside the place and in the gardens..A few were taken at the rooftop, where we can see the adelaide city..There's Shing and Ruo Ting.. And the Indian guy is my friend from India, called Shoo..haha..he's really funny
haha! u know how i can't stop laughing once I start.. so that's what happened
This is Ruo Ting's room in the hostelThis is the dining hall...And tt's our dinner!!!!!And this is the Duke! where i first tasted beer

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clara said...

WAHAHAHA. not bad eh. can eat and lose weight somemore!!! :) wahhhh u really post so many pix of urself. can see more landscape n street photos? or ur house and life there? hahaha. take care girl. and enjoy while u can! God bless.