Monday, August 13, 2007

This was my second oxygen night at the paradise city church. It occured on the 4 th of August, titled, 'Are we there yet?' The poster is nice right? haha I like it.. I was involved in the skit at night, cos my cell was involved in putting up an item for that night.. I acted the role of a 'devil', haha jus acting only.. I had to 'stab' this dying man and then 'nail Jesus to the cross'. It was this skit abt the rich-and-well to do pple who rejected the poor and the helpless and how Jesus helped them..In the last scene, Jesus dies and the rich pple repent in the end..It was a rather impromtu skit..haha but v fun to do, cos my cell has pple with a sense of humour, like ABEL, who has the same name as my bro.. haha i've a soft, brotherly spot for Abel..but he's really funny and nice.. The gals in my cell are really nice too, like Sheelaine (who's really sweet), Christine (who's a really caring and matured believer),Ernestine(Great cell leader), Sumi (who's really funny), Raynu (who always lets me use her internet when i need, and who always helps me out, v friendly, n helps me to get to church on time sometimes, when she doesn't ve ushering..haha! ) and the guys like Sung (who's e joker,haha, i think he can act and joke really well), Chris (who's Christine's bf, really nice) and Yong Ling (Shee Laine's bf, who always takes good care of her, helps her cook and wash e dishes everyday eh, how to find? haha!) yeah n Jia Ching who's my cell leader.. anw after the skit there was a msg by pastor michael, which i thot was quite good,as it gave me a whole new dimension to the story of the feeding the five thousand.. then we had bbq sausages and fried onions after the service, it was good! sth different, cos they bbqed the sausages and onions on e spot, and we stood outide eating the sausages and hot dogs in the cold.. haha there was dessert and hot milo too..btw hot chocolate is my favourite drink now, and I drink 1 cup everyday, sometimes 2.. so I'm Sure I'm gg to get diabetes soon,together w Shee laine..haha We can see each other at the diabetes centre..Anw some of the photos we took that night are below..I'm trying to find the cell photos that we took after the event, so I can introduce you to the people, but I still can't find them..haha I'll try
Anw i'm gg to go photo-taking with Shee Laine in the city tml, so yall can see what I walk past everyday on my way to sch..haha btw my church is held in sch too, which can be quite sian..haha

That's Christine, in the demin jacket, who's acting as a gal who has just been diagnoised with Lukiema..

That's Pastor Michael!!! He's preaching on the feeding of the five thousand.. He's the international pastor.. and he's really nice and friendly..always says hi to me all the time.. he's from Malaysia.. and has 4 children.. He married a Chinese lady called Chiew Har, so they children are mixed.. I think that the youngest daughter is really pretty.. hehe

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