Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Cell :D

This is my cell :D hehe.. In the second photo, from the top left is Chris, Yong Ling, Abel, Raynu, Debra, ck,
second row left is Sung, a lady from Kenya, Sarah, Christine, Shi Wei, Shee Laine, Sumi, and the front row is Ernestine and Jia Ching. ernest and jia ching are our cell leaders.. haha and my cell is great too! Most of them are from malaysia.


huiling! said...

persis likes dao ming shi!! haha anyway very happy to see that you are so happy in australiaaaaa... pictures all look v nice.. i juz wanna teleport there man! pls stop torturing me with all these pictures! take more pictures of urself mugging!!

chua said...

hui ling likes dao ming shi too! don't deny..hehe
happy mugging